Women's Basketball

Women's Basketball

I speak with our players every day about the culture of the Red Hawk program. What’s important to maintaining this culture is being committed to upholding it every day, no matter what challenges we face together. This is what separates our team from the other 450+ Division III Women’s Basketball teams in the country. Being an active and contributing participant, both on and off the court, during easy and tough times, is vital for the success of our team.

We have been fortunate enough to experience a high degree of success over the course of the past six seasons. We know that this success doesn’t come without hard work, and it doesn’t come without help.

You play an important role in helping us maintain our culture of excellence.

Just like I encourage our players, we need you to do your part in helping us push the Red Hawk Program forward.

Join us in our efforts by donating to Montclair State Women’s Basketball today. 


Karin Harvey, Head Coach Women's Basketball

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