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Save Our Water!

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Save Our Water!

The presence of algae in lakes and rivers is natural, and algae are important parts of a healthy environment. However, populations of algae can grow out control; we call these population explosions “Harmful Algal Blooms,” or HABs, for short. HABs can quickly turn an entire lake green and kill the creatures living in the water, often leaving dead fish floating on the surface or along the shores.

HABs also pose serious health risks to people and pets: toxic substances produced by the algae become dangerously concentrated in the water. Ingesting or coming into contact with contaminated water can cause abdominal pain, headaches, rashes, and even kidney damage in people; pets can experience fatal liver or respiratory failure. Because HABs can create these serious health problems, they often lead to a ban on swimming, boating, and fishing in any affected waters.

Your donations will help us to purchase an incubator- a tool that enables us to grow small populations of algae - for our laboratory. Studying the algae we grow allows us to determine the causes of HABs, as well as the most effective ways to prevent and treat them. Additionally, we can collect and maintain populations of native algae in our incubator; if any species should happen to go extinct in our natural ecosystems, we will ensure that they have a chance of making a recovery.

Please consider making a donation now to help preserve our environment, and our healthful way of life in New Jersey.

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Microscopic Algae Photo

Get a personalized microscopic algae photo.

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Estimated Delivery: September 2018


Microscopic Algae Poster

Receive a custom and personalized microscopic algae poster.

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Estimated Delivery: September 2018


Sponsor A Lake

Have your New Jersey lake, river, or pond made a priority when the team heads out to collect algae. We will provide you with a list of algae found in the waterbody with microscopic algae photos.

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Estimated Delivery: October 2018


Field Experience

Side by side with scientist in the field, you’ll collect water and native species samples for testing to preserve biodiversity in your community.

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Estimated Delivery: September 2018


Apprentice to Dr. Wu

Behind the scenes lab tour with Dr. Wu, get a first-hand experience of the algae identification and culturing process.

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Estimated Delivery: September 2018
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