Wayne Bond Room Naming

Wayne Bond was a great teacher, mentor and friend here at Montclair State. Now, we're asking you to help create his Montclair State legacy by coming together to name a room in the School of Communication and Media complex. We want to recognize Wayne's influence, dedication and commitment to teaching countless generations.

Much has happened on the campus of Montclair State since we graduated. Walking through the well maintained grounds, one cannot help but marvel at the physical growth and fresh look of this former Teacher’s College and our world when we attended classes here. Historic Morehead Hall, which previously served as a demonstration high school and was the location of Dr. Sobolik’s Intro to Theatre class in the small auditorium was fully renovated in 2014 and is now the center of activities for the College of the Arts and the faculty and staff of the School of Communication and Media where television and digital media are now housed.

Through it all, one professor, lived, breathed and stood by us, encouraging and guiding us, sometimes gently, other times sternly, but always seeking to draw the best out of us. We are referring to Dr. Wayne Bond, chairperson of the Speech and Theater department when we were at Montclair State.

Dr. Bond was a champion of many of our endeavors and even in the most frustrating times: like when Players challenged use of Memorial Auditorium, or the prop room was moved into his office to make a point, or when the issues emerged in the speech or methods class, he always treated us as adults and never as “students to be dealt with”.

So now, we have an opportunity to recognize and add to the legacy of Dr. Bond by dedicating and naming a space for him in the new building for the School of Communication and Media. We are looking to raise $15,000 to dedicate and name a mediated team room in honor of Dr. Bond.

This is a surprise for Dr. Bond, so don't let it slip that plans are underway! In addition to naming a room in the new building after Dr. Bond we are hoping to raise enough money to bring him and Jane back for a surprise dedication ceremony on campus when the building opens. Please accept our gratitude in advance for your gift. We look forward to welcoming you to the unveiling and a time of reconnecting with colleagues and our professors.

Very best regards,

Ron Naples '81, Michael Price '81 & Michele Tauber '86

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