Team Rocky

Team Rocky

In 2015, a handful dedicated Montclair State undergraduate and graduate students formed a group named Team Rocky. These student leaders make it their mission to boost school spirit and Red Hawk Pride alongside Rocky at campus events or just because both on and off campus. Some members of our team also have the great honor to perform as the character of Rocky, our school mascot, and unlike many other programs across the country don't get paid which is why your support is very appreciated and welcomed!

Some Fun Facts

  • Rocky the Red Hawk was officially named in 2001, after a student vote.
  • Ever since has made appearances at Athletic games, Homecoming and Commencement.
  • After the formation of Team Rocky, his annual appearances have more than tripled, reaching a consistent 200+ events each semester.
  • Organizations, departments and alumni request Rocky and together, Team Rocky does their best to fulfill all requests both big and small.

Feel free to put in a request for Rocky!

Red Hawk Pride...Everywhere!

Team Rocky is not your average mascot group. Rocky, unlike other famous D1 mascots, attends way more than just the big name sporting events and important University appearances. Rocky advocates for the smaller clubs and organizations, has attended weddings of Montclair State alumni, greets all new and transfer students at every orientation, visits his mascot friends at birthday parties and creates meaningful and important social media content all year round just to put smiles on our students' faces. Team Rocky members are dedicated and passionate to give back to our campus community and it has made a huge impact on our campus morale as a whole since its birth.

Rocky is Rocky

Though it seems like a lot of fun and games, being a member of Team Rocky and/or actually “being” Rocky is a serious commitment and requires a special kind of dedication. All members are volunteers and must keep Rocky’s identity a secret. They must also care for the expensive suits and equipment and provide proper cleaning regularly. They go through training twice a year to ensure consistency and are held to a GPA requirement of 2.75 or higher. These students take their roles very seriously and are held to a high standard! 

In sum, Team Rocky does a great deal for Montclair State University. Rocky represents all Red Hawks, and Team Rocky is made up of individuals just as diverse as our student body. Together they spread so much joy, with Rocky, and as themselves, embodying the true essence of what it means to be a proud Red Hawk. Any support received will go directly back to the team, the students, the maintenance of the suits and to our campus community so we can continue our mission of spreading love and Red Hawk Pride to all.

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