Marie Sparks College of the Arts Scholarship Fund

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Marie Sparks College of the Arts Scholarship Fund

For 35 years, Marie Sparks '94 has been a mentor and champion for countless faculty, staff and students at Montclair State. She has been instrumental in helping people develop their careers and realize their goals. Leading by example, Marie has been an advocate for the arts and thus, for the College of the Arts. She has been unselfish with her time, knowledge and advice for so many. 

With her kindness, patience and vast academic knowledge Marie has shepherded many careers with her support and advice. She has been a guide both spiritually and emotionally, sharing her passion for under-served communities, for women and for people of color. She is a mentor in work and in life for so many of us over the years. 

Passionate about making the arts accessible to all communities, Marie believes in the power of education and the transformative power of the arts. She has used her knowledge and access to provide so many others, including those who may not have had the opportunity to explore the arts, to broaden their horizons by traveling on study abroad endeavors or simply to enjoy arts events at Montclair State and the surrounding community. 

Her dedication, loyalty, commitment, work-ethic, deep appreciation and enthusiasm are the qualities we will surely miss on campus and therefore we hope you will join us in supporting this scholarship in her name. Your gift will support deserving College of the Arts students, a perfect way to honor Marie.

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