Center for Cooperative Media

Supporting the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University means helping grow and strengthen local journalism across New Jersey and beyond.

Your donation will directly support the operations of the Center, enabling us to share vital information, research, resources and products to help sustain the future of local news and information.


What we do: 


We research and encourage collaborative journalism across New Jersey and the United States. We do this by organizing partnerships, advising collaborative projects, hosting training, conducting research and daily communication. 


We work with nearly 300 partners throughout the Garden State through our flagship project, a statewide network known as the NJ News Commons. Those partners include hyperlocal digital publishers, public media, newspapers, television outlets, radio stations and multimedia news organizations.


Our work includes:

  • Coordinating statewide and regional reporting projects, such as Stories of Atlantic City, Voting Block, and Loved and Lost. 

  • Offering grants and stipends to support collaborative projects and peer-to-peer learning through programs like the Peer Learning + Collaboration Fund.

  • Supporting community, ethnic and immigrant media through programs such as NJ Media Counts and our COVID-19 fellowship.

  • Providing emotional and professional support to local journalists across the state. 

  • Publishing a daily newsletter amplifying the day’s top news stories as reported by our New Jersey news partners. 

  • Writing about what’s happening in our news ecosystem and across the industry.

  • Researching issues related to New Jersey’s local news and information ecosystem and collaborative journalism.

  • Hosting the world’s only conference dedicated entirely to collaborative journalism. The 2020 Collaborative Journalism Summit conference was hosted May 14-15 and attracted 750 registrants from around the world.

We rely on the generous support of our funders to fulfill our mission. Please help us ensure local news and information survives by supporting the work we do.


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