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PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies

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PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies

Climate change is one of humanity’s greatest threats but with continued research, training opportunities, sustainability-focused academic programs, and a mobilized workforce, we can build a resilient future that benefits us and the planet. Our programs reach diverse populations of students through corporate-academic-community partnerships. We serve local communities; train students through real-life hands-on opportunities; and partner with organizations to address economic, environmental, and social sustainability. 

When you give to PSEG ISS, you support opportunities for our diverse populations of students, many of whom are first-generation and/or come from marginalized communities. You support opportunities for STEM and non-STEM research to thrive and ensure real-world impacts. You support projects that are tackling climate change head-on. You provide opportunities for our program to expand and create possibilities. 

Just in 2022, PSEG ISS trained and supported students through projects that tackled flooding, energy efficiency, green space expansion, urban design, carbon intensity, renewable energy, sustainable marketing, STEM outreach, and education, quantifying greenhouse gas emissions, national carbon credit program analyses and so much more. 

Every gift counts! Any contribution fosters further research in sustainability and creates a better future for us all.

Thank you for your support!                                                        

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