The Don and Judy Miller Scholarship for the Visual Arts

The Don and Judy Miller Scholarship for Visual Arts

In this year since our mother’s, Judy, passing, we remember how both she and our father, Don, were strong believers that through education you can empower young men and women to achieve their potential.

They established The Don and Judy Miller Scholarship for the Visual Arts at Montclair State University so that their vision will carry for generations of students benefiting from the support the scholarship offeres them. It was a point of pride for our parents and in turn for all family members.

Don Miller grew up in Montclair and he and Judy raised our family in Montclair.  They were active in local political, cultural and educational activities throughout their lives.  In 1992, Don was privileged to present what would be the final exhibition of his art within his lifetime, at the University Galleries on the campus of Montclair State. That is when Don and Judy saw that additional support is needed if students who were first in their families to attend college were to pursue their passion in the fine arts. Furthermore, Don found that mentoring young artists was a rewarding way to give back to his community, while Judy, who was a college educator, saw the transformational power in encouraging young people to fulfill their potential.

They converted their aspirations into action by providing much needed financial support through the scholarship they endowed in their names. We hope that you will join us in honoring their memory by making a generous gift to the Don and Judy Miller Scholarship. We are deeply grateful for your support and thank you on behalf of future generations of students .

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