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Pupscot for Rocky

Rocky the Red Hawk is hoping to bring on a new member of the team: a pupscot!*

Our new pupscot (whose name is still a bit of a secret!) would join Rocky at many of the on-campus events he attends. They would also randomly travel around campus together bringing Red Hawk cheer to all the members of our campus community!

Our pupscot would be a rescue dog from a local shelter and our University Police Canine Officer will help us choose a dog and guide us through training so our pupscot will be able to interact with community members.

Why a Pupscot?

Everyone needs a pal…Rocky included! Plus, so many students have shared stories of how much they miss their four-legged friends and what joy it brings them when they see a puppy on campus. We often have dogs on campus for stress management programming once or twice a semester, so why not have that kind of emotional support all-year-round?!

How Can You Support?

We have Residence Life Community staff members ready to help house and care for our pupscot. Students will be selected to be part of a team of handlers who will assist Rocky in bringing our newest Red Hawk family member to student and campus events!  But we would love assistance for the care of our new pupscot! Donations will provide:

  • $100.00 - Monies toward a health care
  • $50.00 - Food for one month
  • $25.00 - Toys and grooming items
  • $10.00 - Poopie bags (so important!)

Any donation will be greatly appreciated, helping us bring our newest and perhaps cutest member of Team Rocky to campus!

* Rocky’s pupscot is a dog mascot who brings joy and Red Hawk Pride with a cool wet nose and sweet paws!

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