Transformative Education Network

Promoting Social Justice and Antiracism in Education

The Transformative Education Network (TEN) at Montclair State University prepares, supports and develops teachers who teach toward antiracism and social justice. TEN was created as an inclusive umbrella term for three programs, The Urban Teacher Teacher Residency, The Newark Teacher Project and the Critical Urban Education Speaker Series. These three programs have a shared mission of advancing racial justice in education, offering critical professional development, and actively creating an expanding network of anti-racist educators across our partner districts. TEN is dedicated to recruiting and sustaining teachers of Color for New Jersey school districts and has a track record of success.

Please support TEN residents to become future teachers!

Gifts of all sizes make a direct and immediate impact for individuals seeking to become teachers in Newark, Orange, and other NJ school districts. Your donation would support funding for students to participate in summer programming where our students become grounded in the communities where they will teach and develop their justice lens and antiracist stance. Click here to read more about our summer programming

Your Gifts In Action: 

  • $25 provides funding to purchase course books and materials for residents.
  • $50 allows a mentor teacher to attend critical professional development at MSU to learn how to best support aspiring teachers in their classroom.
  • $100 funds a resident to complete an internship at a community-based organization to learn more about local issues.
  • $300 provides a stipend for an aspiring teacher to participate in the summer orientation.
  • $1000 provides the technology tools needed to excel in today’s modern classrooms.

Your donations will also help us build a network of justice-minded educators in both Newark and Orange public schools. By bringing together experienced educators in both districts for monthly professional development, TEN builds community and relationships that strengthens teachers’ skills in the classroom. 

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