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Team Rocky: Behind the Scenes

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We did it!

March 08, 2019

Thanks to YOUR support, we hit - and surpassed - our goal! We still have a few hours left so keep sharing so we can really blow this thing out of the water!


Again, THANK YOU!!! We have a special thank you video to share with you all!

Soooooo close!

March 08, 2019

With just hours left in our campaign, we are only $55 short of goal!  

Wondering what it costs to maintain Rocky?

  • $5 -- one case of water
  • $7 -- one new pair of yellow tights 
  • $8 -- two cans of lysol
  • $10 - pack of lysol wipes
  • $20 -- one official Team Rocky polo (x20)
  • $25 -- one replacement strap for the head, feet or shoes
  • $30 -- one official Team Rocky windbreaker (x20)
  • $50 -- one clean suit and head from the dry-cleaners (gotta stay fresh!)
  • $300 -- one new pair of yellow feet 
  • $400 -- one new pair of shoes!
  • $1,800 -- one BRAND NEW SUIT!

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! We have made it this far because of you! Don't forget to spread the word!


March 07, 2019

We are having a FLASH SALE on our perks! 


We've SLASHED the prices for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! 


Have you always wanted a doll of yours truly for your bookshelf? How about a shiny pin! You can be an honorary member of our team! Ever wanted a personal tour of campus on MY golf cart? Beep beep! Now's your chance! 


Support my campaign NOW! (Please, and thanks!)




We Hit $2,000!

March 07, 2019

You know a campaign matters when college students themselves are giving back.


Thank you again to EVERYONE who has donated! We have one day left and are only $500.00 away from hitting GOAL!!!


If you've shared, thank you. If you've donated thank you. But we aren't stopping yet! Let's keep it going!


Now, here's one of our current Team Rocky Members, Kyle, with a personal message.


The Sky's the Limit

March 06, 2019

Here's just a quick video of Rocky walking back to his nest after going to an event! Fun-loving and light-hearted, this mascot and this team make such a positive difference on campus. Any extra funding we get will help us do even more!


What we could accomplish:

  • Give back to the students.
  • Host a bigger and better birthday party for Rocky (October 5) with food, entertainment and prizes for all who attend!
  • Maintenance and repair of the suit, attire and props that make up Rocky and his team.
  • Provide travel stipends for when Rocky is requested to appear off-campus.
  • And so much more...

Thank you so much to everyone who donated already. Please share and spread the word. Team Rocky appreciates you!


One hour countdown...

February 28, 2019

We have less than one hour until the campaign closes out!


But... wait...


We have some exciting news!


Because we are so close to goal, we have extended our campaign deadline by one week!


Thank you to everyone who has supported this campaign so far. Please, as a reminder, share this link and help us hit our goal by March 8!


Only Two Days Left!!

February 26, 2019

Thank you all so much who have donated already! We are getting closer to our goal each day but now we are on a time crunch! Please continue spreading the word! We appreciate you!


In honor of surpassing 50% of our goal...enjoy this VERY Behind the Scenes Video!

Shot and edited by one of our Team Rocky members, Paul McGroarty!


So Close!!

February 21, 2019

Enjoy this message from two members of Team Rocky!

We Flew Past $1,000 - THANK YOU!

February 08, 2019

We Just Hit $1,000! 


In honor of hitting this mile-marker in our campaign, we wanted to share some more behind the scenes content with you!


It's Video Time!


Whether you've seen this video or not, it's a great one! Filmed and edited by one of our Team Rocky members, Paul McGroarty, they literally did this just because, for fun and to spread a little joy around Halloween time. Then afterwards, they went around campus and passed out candy to everyone they saw! They even brought some of their other mascot friends with them.


Pictured (left to right): Rocky, Roxy (Rocky's little sister), Ricky (Rocky's cousin) and Terry the Dinosaur. Then you will see some of our team in the other picture with the mascots!


Help Us Give Back


This money will help us do even more for the Montclair State community. And that's really what it's all about isn't it? Giving back. Passing out candy, just because. Making you smile. 


Team Rocky has made a huge difference on campus in the four short years it's been in existence, not only for those who are on the team, but for all of the other students, faculty, staff, alumni and family members who have ever interacted with this great bird, embodied by even greater students.


Thanks to those who donated already -- please keep spreading the word!


Reached 25% of Our Goal!

February 04, 2019

This weekend we hit $650 -- which is more than 25% of our goal! Thank you to everyone who donated already, but let's keep it going! In honor of the Super Bowl yesterday, Rocky is confident we can make the next "field" goal of $1000! Who's with us?!


We also wanted to share a behind the scenes photo with you since we hit a milestone, and we will continue to do so as long as they $$$ keeps coming in!


This photo was taken in August 2018 at one of our Team Rocky trainings. The group of students shown are the ones dedicated to spreading Red Hawk Pride both on and off campus. They are all volunteers. They love Montclair State University and take their role as a member of Team Rocky very seriously! 


Twice a year they go through training to ensure they understand the importance of what it means to be (or handle) a school mascot. They learn good communication skills, how to effectively and successfully work on a team and also run through scenarios they may face when they are out as (or with) Rocky. For example, some students have a legitimate fear of mascots! We teach them how react to situations such as these and many others. 


Not only will these students be benefiting from the money we raise, but they will also be able to give back to the 21,000+ other students at Montclair State University in more ways than you know.

First Autographed Print...Check!

January 28, 2019

Rocky is thrilled to sign his very first autograph!


Donate $75.00 and get one of your very own!


Every print is different, printed on high-quality photo paper and signed with love. 


Help us reach our goal!


We are off to a GREAT start!

January 17, 2019

Wow, only 24 hours in and we already have $200 raised! Thank you! So amazing, so humbled. We also wanted to share a photo of the Rocky Plush Doll that you will receive if you choose to donate $100 to our campaign. How cute?!

Rocky Thanks You!

January 16, 2019

The campaign is underway and we are excited to share fun facts, updates and behind the scenes photos and video with you. Here is one of our favorite photos of the bird himself, the one the only, mascot of the year!



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