Language, Business & Culture

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Feliciano School of Business are pleased to announce the launch of a new interdisciplinary degree in Language, Business & Culture. Students can invest in personal global marketability by selecting this unified program of business fundamentals and a language concentration with a choice of Arabic, French, German, Italian or Spanish.

“The B.A. in Language, Business & Culture promotes the importance of language and culture studies in an increasingly global society and marketplace,” says Dr. Enza Antenos, Italian professor of Modern Languages at Montclair State. “It provides the liberal arts and business background that students need to become functioning, effective and educated citizens of the global community.”

Majors explore the relevance of foreign language learning in a globalized world by honing target-language skills and applying knowledge to a range of business and professional-related fields. Students develop the hard and soft skills that employers seek: transferable soft skills, including intercultural competence, writing skills, oral communication, critical thinking and cognitive flexibility, and the knowledge base of international business, accounting, economics, finance, technology and cross-cultural business communications.

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If you have questions regarding the event, please contact Jenna Villani in the Office of Alumni Engagement at 973-655-7872. To learn more about the Language Business & Culture Program, contact Dr. Enza Antenos, Program Director, Language, Business and Culture, at antenosconfe@montclair.eduor 973-655-7943.

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