Dean Lucas #Scholarships4CEHS Challenge

Get to know your CEHS Advisory Board!

October 30, 2020

Current Advisory Board Membership                       Advisory Board Ex-Officio Members

Frank Alvarez '76, Board Chair                                     Dean Tamara Lucas

Arlene Allen '64                                                             Assistant Dean Carolina Gonzalez

Tosan Boyo  '11                                                             Evelyn Dejesus-Quiles '19

Lindsey Inserra                                                              Yanira Amadeo, Director of Development

Wendy Lacey                                                                                  

Valerie Maholmes '80

Nel Noddings '49 (Honorary Member)                                                             

Newman Rochester '00

Pam Scott

Manny Scrofani '61

Ed Topar '60

Wamwari Waichungo '90

Myrtis Yake


Culture of Philanthropy Poem by Peg Burns Velden ‘64

October 26, 2020

Thank you to alumna Peggy Burns Velden ’64 for expressing her support via poetry!


Montclair State: GIVING BACK


Remember your school years

Up on the hill?

At dear old MSU

Four learning years until


You became the teacher

Still learning so much

Rich, fulfilling years

Have you kept in touch?


Your alma mater

Needs you now

We’re in lean times

Present students don’t know how


To continue their studies

Funds have dried up

The pandemic destroyed jobs

Lives, it did disrupt


You have to be a giving one

To have gone into education

Can you give again?

To the MSU Foundation


Please, dig deep into your pockets

Any amount will do

To provide scholarships for students

CEHS needs you!

I Support Dean Lucas’ #Scholarships4CEHS, Join Me!

October 21, 2020

Check out this video of support from Pam Scott, CEHS Advisory Board!

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