Rocky's Closet

Rocky’s Closet provides professional clothing to any student who needs it so they are best prepared for their interviews and careers. 

They say dress for the job you want. But that isn’t easy if you don’t have anything that shouts that message and you can’t afford to go buy anything that does. Many of us have things we no longer want to wear, never liked but bought anyway, still have the tags on because we were going to “get down to that size again,” or just want someone else to enjoy. Now our students can help you out!

The funds you contributed will help pay for dry cleaning and the “extras” like dress socks, necessary undergarments and belts. Our students will be able to represent themselves and Montclair State in fine fashion, while they also share their readiness for the working world. For those who won’t be working remotely forever (or just need to need to look good from the waist up on a Zoom call!), Rocky’s Closet will be a boost to achieving their goals.

Donations made to Rocky's Closet will help the program reach as many students as possible. Join us as we come together to support Rocky's Closet and give our students the tools they need to succeed.

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